Malaika Kids
Malaika Kids is a school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that rescues children who have been orphaned or abandoned and who are often homeless and found wandering the streets. This organisation is a caring home for around 70 children providing safety, good nutrition, education and healthcare from the ages of 3-4 up to mid teens, at which point they have to venture out into the ‘big wide world’.

Malaika Kids does endeavour to help in this transition and Reepham Rotary’s planned project is to create a specific fund that would provide further education and Vocational Training for these children in areas such as midwifery, vehicle mechanics, carpentry and plumbing etc. thereby helping them to become independent, positive and productive members of society.

Reepham Rotary aims do this by pooling resources with other Rotary Clubs in our area which then, it is hoped, will attract ‘match funding’ from Rotary District Grants.  If successful, it is hoped that this Vocational Training Fund will continue, year on year.

Hospice Ethiopia International Project
We have been approached by The Rotary Club of Aylsham to assist in the funding of a project that will support a Palliative Care Training Programme in Addis Ababa. Alysham Club have become involved with a local GP and Palliative Care nurse who have assisted Hospice Ethiopia over the past four years. Financial support is required to help fund a training programme for 24 medical staff.
Reepham club have voted to assist in this project by providing some additional funds which will then attract ‘match funding’ from a District Grant which has already been awarded.  A total of £3,000 is sought.


The Club meets on Monday evenings at 6.45 pm for 7.00 dinner at St Michael’s Church Hall.
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Next meeting

Because of Festival, Bank Holidays and Jubilees, our next meeting will be fellowship at St Michaels on June 13. Club Assembly will now be on June 20. 

Future events

The Sunshine Cafe next meets on 26 May. The Rotary organised Reepham Food Festival is on 29 May