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Reepham Rotary has supported many charities, large and small, international and local. We aim to pick organisations where our contribution can make a sustained difference. Here is our most recent work.

Stop Press 

We are developing our own fund to help organisations in and around Reepham whose fund raising has been difficult because of the Corvid pandemic. The fund has been kick-started with members’ money but we will be raising funds from local individuals and businesses to support those who have suffered from all the disruption of the pandemic. More news soon. 


Our 100 Club provides regular funds for water treatment boxes to be sent quickly to major disaster areas.  More 

East Anglian Childrens’ Hospices 

We recently arranged a Rotary International grant of £5000 to buy urgently needed PPE equipment for the three hospices.  More

Malaika Kids 

Our recent international project has been a school in Tanzania which schools trains abandoned street kids to do useful and rewarding jobs.  More  

Tiger Test 

We have raised funds to help a team at UEA to develop better diagnosis for prostate cancer to make treatment more efficient. More 

Benjamin Foundation

The Benjamin Foundation aims to provide hope, opportunity, stability and independence to young people and families who may be struggling to make the best of life. 

In 2019 Robert Briggs and Roy Sherlock spent a sponsored night sleeping on the streets to raise £3000 in addition to the three years of support from Reepham Rotary.  More  


The Club normally meets on Monday evenings at 7 pm for 7.15 dinner at St Michael’s Church Hall.
Rotary visitors are welcome please contact
Members should apologise and book visitors only at

We had planned to alternate between zoom and distanced meetings in the barn but we now need to look at the new laws. 

Next meetings

26 October we have another talk from Ven Arthur Hawes 

Future events

The Reepham Food Festival and our golf tournament have been postponed to 2021.