Reepham Rotary Club, working with others in the community, is to launch a cafe in Reepham for those living with memory loss and their carers.  This will be held from 10 am to 12 noon on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month starting on 23 September. 

Rotarian Peter Williams has been leading the team that has been planning the project for nearly a year. “We have identified a need and taken a lot of advice as to the best way to meet that need. We understand that a change of scenery can be stimulating for those with memory difficulties and a help to those who care for them.” 

The cafe will offer a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere with music, games and entertainment together with tea, coffee and cake. 

“We know that uptake will be slow “, says Peter, “as we are appealing to a group of people who may find new things difficult.  However we are building a team with the patience, experience and love needed to make a difference.”

There will be no membership, regular fees or any obligation to visit. Anyone with a need can turn up on the day and be assured of a warm welcome. There will also be a ‘taster’ session on 9 September for people to try out the idea and see if it suits them. 

Since the project was first suggested, there have been many expressions of interest from the community – from people who see a need to those who would like to come and help in some way. Anyone is welcome to get in touch with the organisers.



Peter Williams 01362 686860

Trevor Nelson 01603 860253


The Club normally meets on Monday evenings at 7 pm for 7.15 dinner at St Michael’s Church Hall.
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Next meeting

On 13 September we begin to return to normal with a fellowship meeting with partners at St Michaels. 

Future events

Our Sunshine Cafe for those with memory difficulties and their carers will be launched from 23 Sept – with a taster session on 9 Sept.