The Club undertakes a range of community and find raising activities throughout the year. Here are the highlights.

Art Exhibition
Once again we will be organising the Art Exhibition at the Aylsham Show in August.

Golf tournament 
Our annual golf tournament was held in June.  Next year we will be at the new Royal Norwich Club at Weston on 4 Sept 2020.

Reepham Food Festival 
The Club organised the Reepham Food Festival in May.  Discussions are about to take place on 2020 plans.

Schools activities 
We support the highly successful Youth Speaks tournament at Reepham High School. Our Club helps coach the speakers and provides prizes for the winners. The club contributes to the popular RHS allotments and is helping build the Japanese gardens at the Primary School. Our team of readers continue to work with boys at the Primary School. more

Technology tournament
The Technology Tournament is organised with other local clubs, setting students an interesting engineering challenge.

Polio eradication
For many years, Rotary worldwide has been worked to immunise everyone to try to eradicate polio.  Great strides have been made and there are now only a handful of cases in a few countries. In Reepham – as in communities across the country – we have planted purple crocuses. This is the colour used to mark the fingers of children who have been inoculated so that the teams can be sure that everyone in the community is protected.

We also hold an annual quiz,  provide the Christmas trees and support for the Reepham Festival of Light and participate in other community support and fund raising activities.