Following three successful years, the Club were planning the Festival for 24 May 2020.  However we have been overtaken by events and have sadly decided to postpone until 2020.

Reepham Food Festival postponed to 22 August 2021

It is with regret that we have decided not to hold the Reepham Food Festival in 2020. We were very well advanced with planning and were looking forward to the event in May.   However events have overtaken us as this would have coincided with what is expected to be the peak of the Covid 19 infections.

The Rotary Club believes that it would be irresponsible to continue with the Festival under these circumstances as it would put undue pressure on partner organisations, schools, volunteers and our members. Later cancellation would involve commercial losses which would adversely impact on our charities and disrupt the business of our exhibitors.

We are well aware that our government and the rest of the world are taking this very seriously and we are doing likewise and have decided that bringing many people together especially related to the Norfolk food industry is unwise. We do not want one person to become unwell as a result of our activities.

For that reason we have decided to cancel this year’s Food Festival and all the peripheral events that happen alongside it. The Rotary Club will continue to organise the next event scheduled for 22 August in the market place when it is hoped that all these health issues will have been resolved.

It is hoped that the many stall holders, our supporters: The Town Council, Women’s Institute,  Reepham Scouts and our sponsors: Central CoOperative England, The Original Cottage Company, Crisp Maltings, Kings Arms, Norfolk Farm Shop and Reepham High School will support us in the event next year.

All payments made to date by either sponsors or exhibitors are being returned.

We hope you will understand we have had to take the painful decision to enable us to overcome the issues presented to us and come back next year with another sparkling event.

Ian Malton

Chairman RFF20 Reepham and District Rotary Club.

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The Club normally meets on Monday evenings at 7 pm for 7.15 dinner at St Michael’s Church Hall.
Rotary visitors are welcome please contact
Members should apologise and book visitors only at

Following months of online meetings, we are hoping to resume at St Michaels as soon as is safe for all.   

Next meetings

On 2 August we will be in Norwich for a historic walk with Jan King. 6pm start at the Forum. Members will make their own meal arrangements. 

On 9 August we will be presenting the plans for our Sunshine Cafe for those with memory loss at an invitation meeting at St Michael’s. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

Future events

Our Food Festival is still for 22 Aug, subject to progress against the virus. Also coming up is our Sunshine Cafe for those with memory difficulties and their carers – scheduled for launch in September..